ComfyRound Large Zafu Cushion


Zafu meditation cushions are used to give support and to stabilize the body while meditating. Our ComfyRound Large Zafu cushions are 6 inches wider than our regular Zafu cushions, providing a larger area to sit on for a more relaxed feel. 

The buckwheat filling holds its shape without sagging, giving you the perfect support that you need while sitting.

  • Made from durable 100% cotton twill fabric
  • 22" diameter, 4" high. Filled with 10 lbs of thoroughly cleaned, organic buckwheat hulls. Grown in Canada.
  • Zippered outer cover for easy cleaning
  • Zippered inner cover to adjust buckwheat fill level

ComfyRound Large Zafu Cushion has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews.

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