Our Story

Founding ComfyComfy 

ComfyComfy was founded in USA by Maggie Wong, a health conscious yoga instructor, in 2011. Maggie began the business as the sole seamstress, and has remained dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service. As demand grew, she enlisted the help of other craftspeople.

ComfyComfy Canada

ComfyComfy Canada is a small family business in Toronto started by Melissa in 2013. It began as a simple quest to introduce supportive, natural, moldable buckwheat pillows into the mainstream, and has since then grown into offering health and well-being products that we truly believe in. ComfyComfy Canada will always strive to use carefully sourced materials from Canada and the USA and the finest craftsmanship to bring you the highest quality products.



Mel and Dan after a long hike!

Why Buckwheat Pillows?

Finding the perfect pillow which can offer the support needed for restorative sleep can be difficult. We’d tried pillows filled with feathers, foam, and even hollow plastic beads, but it wasn’t until we tried buckwheat pillows that we finally found the relief we were looking for. Now, we are excited to introduce these perfect pillows into the mainstream, so that everybody can enjoy the comfortable and rejuvenating sleep that we do.