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ComfyComfy Winter Snuggle Bundle

Purchase a ComfySleep pillow + pillow case + ComfyTherapy Neck Wrap and save 20%!'s winter! What better way to keep warm than to snuggle up under the blankets with our ComfyTherapy Neck Wrap?

Sleep supported and well on a ComfySleep buckwheat pillow and fall asleep quickly with the warmth of your ComfyTherapy Neck Wrap. Trust us, you won't want to go to bed without either one!

Use the ComfyTherapy Neck Wrap to keep warm while on the computer or watching TV. Never feel uncomfortable from the cold again! You can also use it for heat therapy to relax aching and sore muscles.

Package includes:

ComfySleep Pillow + Fitted Organic Cotton Pillow Case + ComfyTherapy Neck Wrap

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