ComfyTherapy Pad for natural therapeutic stress relief and relaxation

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Sometimes, you just need a heat pack to sooth your back, sore muscles or to relieve stomach cramps or pain. The ComfyHeat Pad does the job perfectly. Use when you're lying down, and relax while the gentle heat emitted from flaxseeds ease body aches. Simply pop the ComfyHeat Pad into the microwave for 3-4 minutes, place it on any part of your body, and feel the ache melt away. Don't forget, you can also use any of our heat packs to keep you toasty warm in the winter while you're using the computer, watching TV or sleeping (trust us, you'll fall asleep in no time.) Use under a blanket for even longer lasting heat! 

Sore shoulders or neck muscles? Have a look at our ComfyWrap Neck Warmer if you'd like to enjoy the same benefits but would like to be able to drape it around your neck.

  • Filled with 2.75 lbs of 100% organic flaxseed and measures 12" x 14"
  • Flaxseeds contain natural oils that retain heat longer than other fillers such as rice, corn or herbs
  • Stays warm for approximately an hour or even longer under blankets
  • Sections are filled with flaxseed that conform to body's shape and distributes heat evenly
  • Place on any part of the body to stay warm and relax tight muscles
  • Can be repeatedly warmed for years of enjoyment
  • Can also be chilled in the freezer to soothe aches and pains without it being too cold to the touch
  • Handmade in Canada

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