ComfyBaby - Buckwheat Hull Nursing/Stabilizing Pillow


Let's face it, as much as we love cuddling our babies while we're nursing/bottle feeding, our arms can get tired, and our muscles can get knotted from staying in the same position. This is where our ComfyBaby Nursing Pillow comes in handy. Rest your arms on the pillow as you cradle baby. The pillow keeps your arms and baby supported so you can be more comfy while nursing/bottle feeding. Since the pillow is moldable, create a snuggly little nest for baby to relax in. Use the nursing pillow to keep baby in place while lying on the bed or sofa (never leave her unattended though), and to stabilize her when she's ready to start sitting! 

  • Measures 26" x 20" x 4".
  • U-shape allows for comfortable placement on lap, and supports arms .while mom is in nursing position.
  • Moldable pillow ensures that baby is cradled comfortably, and securely.
  • Filled with 8 lbs of certified organic buckwheat.
  • 100% cotton ticking inner case and washable 100% cotton outer case.
  • Zippered opening allows for addition or removal of buckwheat.
  • Handmade in Canada.

    Add a ComfySleep casing for $20 less than the pillow price!

    When baby gets old enough and doesn't nurse anymore, other nursing pillows get stored in the closet or tossed into the trash, but the ComfyBaby can be transformed into a ComfySleep Pillow (15" x 23") by purchasing one of the Grow With Baby packages, which includes a ComfySleep casing. Simply transfer the buckwheat hulls from the ComfyBaby into the casing and you'll have a pillow for when baby grows older or one for yourself! After all, you deserve a good night's rest after all those sleepless nights of nursing. (Pillows aren't recommended for children under the age of 2.) 


    ComfyBaby - Buckwheat Hull Nursing/Stabilizing Pillow has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 11 reviews.

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